The seething mass of evil under the patina of society (Or: Contemporary television)

I got to talking with a few people about Sons of Anarchy and some other shows and why I've largely already quit that show, while my husband is gutting out Season 6 on Netflix. And that’s sort of become a whole line of thought on what I just don’t like about contemporary television, and why I so very often quit series, right in the middle. And don’t worry, for once, it’s not me pointing out that things happen “Because Plot Said So” or the stupid decisions by characters. It’s an ethos thing, instead. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead. In part, SoA has the same problems as almost every other "highly acclaimed" show on US TV today. It starts

The perils of advertising

So, I've been trying to use three different services to promote The Valkyrie. I started with Project Wonderful. Lots of pageviews, and, because I see immediate response, I can determine which of their available places are high value for me, or low-value for me, given their relative cost. I think that I can safely attribute some sales to Project Wonderful. I added a Facebook ad, and I've definitely gotten a few people's interest through that. They've liked the Edda-Earth Facebook page, for which I thank them (Whee!), and I saw a sales uptick. Last week, I saw an ad for Google AdWords, stating that if you used $25.00 of advertising by January 2, you'd get $75 of free advertising. I figured tha

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