Realism, Science, and Historicity in Fantasy Writing

I started writing this essay about six weeks ago, before going to ApolloCon. I trimmed it down to a mere 1,000 words at one point, and tried to get a couple of magazines and ezines interested in it as an article on spec. No takers! So, instead, you can have my thoughts on what I think is a somewhat interesting topic, which is pertinent to my thoughts while writing Edda-Earth. Fantasy writing is at its best when authors establish coherent systems and adhere to them. If they set the limits of their reality, and the framework is solid, the audience can relax and accept that reality. If the only answer ever given for why the world is the way it is, is “A wizard did it,” then the audience tend

Edda-Earth *trailer*

The nice folks at #ApolloCon asked me if I had a movie or something about Edda-Earth. I did not, but I had the flipbook images a friend had made for the website. So I sat down with Windows Movie Maker for a few hours, and produced this: The music was purchased for use at, and is quite lovely. Check it out! Share it with your friends. Or your enemies. Both, by preference.


I have never actually attended a con before. Which is, of course, why for my first one, I'm going to be on five panels at #Apollocon, when I thought I'd be doing one and dipping my toe in the waters to see if there were sharks. (Bathtub water is known for sharks, right?) Here's my schedule for June 20-21. Maybe I'll actually see existing readers there. Maybe I'll meet new ones. At any rate, the people running the con have been nothing short of amazing. Cheerful, helpful, and just. . . great people. They've taken a lot of the terror out of this for me. (Till I actually get there, of course. Then I'll probably gibber.) Saturday: 11 am: Authentic Science. Putting credible science in your writin

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