Whither Nook?

Or perhaps, whither goes the withering Nook? Or perhaps it's withering in the wuthering winds? I digress already. At any rate, after testing Nook as a market for about two months, and not seeing a single sale on it, I'm removing Valkyrie from Barnes and Noble. It was a good experiment, but keeping it on there gained me nothing, and resulted in headaches when it came to promoting the Kindle version. Sadness-songs, I know.

Dungeons and Dragons podcast live!

I'm pleased to announce that my interview on the official Dungeons and Dragons podcast is live! Thank you to the entire Dungeons and Dragons podcast staff for making this such a wonderful experience! http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/podcasts/dd-podcasts#submenu-page (be sure to click on the 8/7/15 link in the list). And, for those who'd like a sneak peek at the first chapter of Book III, The Goddess Embraced, here is the excerpt I gave them! http://media.wizards.com/…/d…/TheGoddessEmbraced_excerpt.pdf

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