November 8, 2014

So, I've been trying to use three different services to promote The Valkyrie.


I started with Project Wonderful. Lots of pageviews, and, because I see immediate response, I can determine which of their available places are high value for me, or low-value for me, given t...

October 28, 2014


Elizaveta Gokoeva finished the preliminary sketch for Book 2, The Goddess Denied today.


And it is amazing.

October 27, 2014

*cough* My interview with Roleplay Public Radio just went live. I . . . thought there'd be more content besides just me. But apparently, we chatted too long,!


It's available at RPPR! Share it with those you love. :)

October 26, 2014

Plot armor is a term that is grossly overused on the interrawebs, I think. I certainly never encountered it in my studies in English, either at the BA or MA level. It's not generally accepted in any academic journals I've ever read, where we might have prefered the ter...

October 22, 2014

Welcome to Edda-Earth. If I post here, it's likely to be about one of the following topics:


  • Progress on selling Edda-Earth.

  • Progress on writing more books in Edda-Earth.

  • Progress on writing books set in universes other than Edda-Earth.

  • Progress on ma...

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With the end of the year fast approaching, here's my end of year assessment. My personal performance review of "am I a real author yet?" :P

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December 7, 2018

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