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The Goddess Denied

Welcome to Book II of the Saga of Edda-Earth: The Goddess Denied.

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Zeus: Who are you, knave, that defies Olympus? Titan: You foolish, depraved children masquerading As gods. You will suffer as you have made The mortals to suffer. I will take your Playthings from you, petty children. I will Leave nothing but ash. For today, my name Is my brother’s. I am Prometheus. And I have come to bring fire to the gods. _________________________________________________________________

Disbelieve memory. Discard evidence. Deny the truth. Mysteries deepen as a cursed valkyrie investigates the source of her condition, a young woman goes missing, and monsters are reported in the lands of the north. Lindworms, jotun, and ettin have been seen, along with wolves the size of horses. Surely, this means Ragnarok is at hand. And yet, it's not just the gods who are making trouble. Groups like Potentia ad Populum and the Carthaginian Liberation Party take radical steps to throw off yoke of Rome… and bring the power of the gods into every mortal hand. Rejoin Sigrun Caetia, Adam ben Maor, Trennus Matrugena, Kanmi Eshmunazar, and Minori Sasaki in the world of Edda-Earth. They'll gain new allies, such as the enigmatic dragon, Niðhoggr. Make new enemies. Confront prophecy. And realize, in the end, that you can't deny your true nature forever . . . .

It's available now. Right now. At

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