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I have never actually attended a con before.

Which is, of course, why for my first one, I'm going to be on five panels at #Apollocon, when I thought I'd be doing one and dipping my toe in the waters to see if there were sharks. (Bathtub water is known for sharks, right?)

Here's my schedule for June 20-21. Maybe I'll actually see existing readers there. Maybe I'll meet new ones. At any rate, the people running the con have been nothing short of amazing. Cheerful, helpful, and just. . . great people. They've taken a lot of the terror out of this for me. (Till I actually get there, of course. Then I'll probably gibber.)

Saturday: 11 am: Authentic Science. Putting credible science in your writing without writing a treatise. (AKA, there's no substitute for doing the homework.) 12 pm: Letter and Verse: Poetry! I'm going to hide behind the real poets in the room and duck out once in a while to remind people what the Real Meaning of Synecdoche is. 1 pm: I'm Moving Out--Life on Mars. I'm going to hide behind the genuine scientists in the room, and contribute whatever I can. 2 pm: Maybe eat? 3 pm: It's hinted that I might be at a table in the Dealer's Room, handing out flyers and possibly. . . signing them? Sunday: 10 am: Believers and Infidels. (My husband started laughing out loud when he heard I was going to be on this one. Oh, well, fits Edda-Earth​ just fine, I suppose . . . .) 11 am: Fanfiction: Creative Writing or Self-Indulgence? (Own your roots, and it can be *either.* It greatly depends on the person doing the writing.) 1 pm: There are intimations that I will be in the dealer room, handing out flyers and signing. . . stuff? 2 pm: Maybe we should see something of this convention thing besides the panel rooms before going home and collapsing?

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