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Ragnarok is at hand: Book III of Edda-Earth available for pre-order. The Goddess Embraced, Book 3 of the Saga of Edda-Earth, is available for pre-order! Ragnarok is at hand. The gods fight one another, and while humans are caught in the crossfire, their hands are hardly clean, as nation fights nation for resources and survival. Sigrun and her allies must rely on the words of the Firebringer to try to break the back of prophecy, and avert the end of the world. But questions remain. Will Adam allow prophecy to consume him, and break all bonds of friendship and kin? Will Sigrun walk her dark road alone, at the end of time? Or can destiny be shattered? The Goddess Embraced will be available September 1, 2015. Pre-order now at


Yes, I finally figured out the whole pre-ordering thing. And fought the good fight with formatting.

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