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The Veil vs. BioWare

Interesting couple of questions this morning from reader Ben Johnston. He writes: "So, just finished the trespasser DLC for Inquisition, and I remembered that you had applied for a writing position with Bioware. Any chance you got it? The reveals in the DLC seem awfully similar to the way the "entities" work in Edda Earth."

Nope, never got the writing position. I actually only got partway through DA: I, myself, and I bought it mainly to see if BioWare redeemed themselves. After struggling through the world-state nonsense, I realized that the nausea and palm-sweating anxiety/constant rage at the *extremely* controlling relationship with Iron Bull wasn't going to go away, restarted, and started getting weird NPC convos that suggested that my Warden was dead and that my Hawk was male. I didn't feel like sinking another twenty hours into it at that point just to ascertain if my world-state was working or not, and quit.

So, no, any resemblances between their spirit-world and my Veil are absolutely coincidental. I got the notion of "aentropic universe" from Diane Duane's "The Wounded Sky." But the whole "a creature that stands outside of time, can therefore see the whole of time, and therefore, God can know everything that you're ever going to do, before you do it, but we can still totally have free will?" That piece of really irritating reasoning is Boethius, "The Consolation of Philosophy," and a large chunk of Edda is my extended argument with a man who's been dead for about two thousand years. An argument that started my freshman year of college.

Apparently, I really like to argue.

. . . what? Why are you looking at me like that? >.>

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