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You'd think that with three novels published to Kindle, that being able to write the word "Published!" at the top of a blog entry wouldn't be a rush. You'd also be wrong.

Since my last post on this blog (I'm terrible on keeping up with it, since I already post what needs saying on Facebook, mea culpa), I've had seven poems accepted by Star*Line and two accepted by The Tanka Journal.

But what impelled me to dust off the blog was the fact that today, I received word that my short story, The Cenotaph, has been accepted for publication by Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. It will very likely appear in volume 52, their August 2016 offering.

I was nearly incoherent with joy for the first five minutes, I have to admit. My husband probably had a hard time deciphering the words coming out of my mouth. But after a couple of patient questions, "Another poem, or a story?" he more or less got the gist. :)

Stay tuned for more information!

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