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Houston's Comicpalooza!

Another convention, survived!

More seriously, the panels at Comicpalooza were interesting and informative; I learned a lot from listening to Breandan Ó'Ciarraí, Kerry Tolan, and Robert G. Ferrell on the "From Pens to Pulse Rifles" panel--not least, that when it comes to more contemporary wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), I'd have to do a lot of research just to get started. Of course, I kind of knew that part already.

I was going to try to video my own panel, but couldn't work out how to get the camera to see all of the people and still be able to pick up the audio; I tried doing a voice recording with my phone. There's a file there. 48 MB, and . . . totally devoid of all sound. It doesn't even have a progress bar. Explain how an empty file can be 48 MB?

At any rate, a great experience!

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