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Luke Spooner Experiment Certain Doom.jpg
Gates of Never Spread - Copy.jpg

Art by Luke Spooner

From my science fiction story, "The Experiment Meets Certain Doom," Mad Scientist Journal.

For more of his art, see Carrion House, or check him out on Twitter @CarrionHouse

Cover Art for my science-fiction / time travel story, "Pterrors of the Caribbean," at DreamForge!

I designed the cover of my poetry collection, The Gates of Never, myself, derived from stock photos of the gates of Roman Palmyra.

The Improbable Case of the

Art by Leigh Legler, for my parody fantasy story, "The Improbable Case of the Were-Hydra," first published in Mad Scientist Journal.


Not artwork, but worth a brag; "Leaving Red Footprints," a story that I had rewritten into a script format for game use, with multiple endings, got a nice nod from the XR Alliance.

Leaving Red Footprints art - Copy.jpg

The art for my science fiction / noir story, "Leaving Red Footprints" was particularly choice in Pulp Modern: Tech Noir.

I never expected to get artwork for a poem, but here's one for my poem "The Mountain's Heart" at Enchanted Conversation.

XR Alliance - Copy.jpg
CSF cover.jpg
Vakyrie and Caesarion - Copy.jpg
Children of Tiber and Nile cover.jpg

I think this CSF cover was the first time I got to see my name on the cover of a magazine, and it was for my science fiction story, set on Ceres, "The Lonely Dark."

I'd be remiss not to add pictures of the physical copies of my books, now wouldn't I? These are the ones available in dead-tree edition from Amazon.

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