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Articles & Shout-outs

  • "Fast Five," Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter 2016.

  • Interview by T.D. Walker at Luna Station Quarterly

  • Interviewed by Marge Simon in "Blood&Spades" April 2020 (HWA member access only).

    • Interview with T.D. Walker regarding Bounded by Eternity in Interstellar Flight Magazine!

    • Interview with Analog regarding the short story, "Beneath the Surface, a Womb of Ice."


       Rhysling Anthology.

  • Blog by Andrea Blythe, commenting on The Gates of Never.

  • Noted for poetry in The Best Horror of the Year , 2019, ed. Ellen Datlow.

  • Talkcast #425, Interview with Scot and Jane Noel of DreamForge.  Includes a description of my story with them, "Pterrors of the Caribbean."

  • Imaginary Worlds, Episode 200, minute 38, shout out from DreamForge for "In the Leaves' Embrace."

  •  The development of modern English vs. language development in Edda: Edda Linguistics.

  • "Enceladus" on the Rattle Open Mic, 1/28/2020.

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