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The Gates of Never

ISBN: 978-1-63534-972-6

The Gates of Never presents speculative poetry by one of the field's

rising voices.


Surprisingly accessible, and erudite without pretension, Deborah L. Davitt's debut collection fuses history, mythology, and magic seamlessly with futurism, science, and science fiction.

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(Available review of The Gates of Never here.)

Bounded by Eternity

ISBN: 978-0-9860916-5-0

Bounded by Eternity is a novella in verse, telling the story of a woman who has forgotten her own name and history, by her own choice, through by a compact with Oberon, the king of the fey.

The story moves between future and past, interweaving myth and reality, memory and confabulation, and loss and survival, eventually transmuting fear to forgiveness.

"Deborah Davitt's ambitious new collection begins one autumn between wars with a woman's meeting with a fey king, and from there we are led on a lyrical journey into realms at once mysterious and familiar. You might know the name of Oberon, and yet not know him at all. You might recognize the Lady in the Black Domino, and then again, maybe not. Poignant themes of loss, searching and forgetting pervade this enchanting text. At one point, a character asks "Are you done denying who you are, denying those who help you, denying those you’ve lost..." and readers may well marvel at the way Davitt's poems explore the answer. Before long we learn the important, imaginative answers to such questions as what happens when we first meet ourselves or rescue one another, and sometimes, when we let go. Where do we find our true homes? Take your time with this compelling collection, and return to it" --Bryan Thao Worra, SFPA President.

"In Bounded by Eternity, Deborah L. Davitt spins a wondrous tale of a woman's search for her genuine self, assaying her different identities, in love with a fairy king, across years and journeys through dimensions magical and mundane, till her sojourn with a wounded warrior. Davitt escorts us through ethereal crystalline environs and urban concrete landscapes, both tinged by the realities of war. The beauty of Davitt's imagination lies in how our everyday troubles and victories are transmuted into the stuff of magic without losing the homespun truths of daily life."


—Vince Gotera, Editor, North American Review and Star*Line

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From Voyages Unreturning

A fully-illustrated cycle of 28 poems tells the tale of a human who sought escape from her own life, skimming through time and space at near light-speed, only to realize that she had left everything that she loved behind. She forges a bond with a living ship, and together, they dare to dream that life can be more than just unending sorrow. . . .

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