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Cover of Ave, Caesarion; man in Roman armor with sword and spear; woman in stola, fire in her hands

Ave, Caesarion

ISBN-10: 0-9860916-2-6

ISBN-13: 978-0-9860916-2-9

A single event can reshape a world—or shatter it forever.


Fifteen years ago, Caesar escaped assassination, and went on to be crowned Emperor of Rome. His son by Cleopatra, Caesarion, carries the blood of Mars, Venus, Isis, and Osiris in his veins—but will the power that the gods have granted him, be enough to secure his hold on Rome after his father’s death? What of the powers his sister, Eurydice Julia, has begun to manifest, and her puzzling visions that hint at the sacrifices that the gods of both Rome and Egypt will demand of them?


Will they, together, be strong enough to forge a better world than the one their ancestors built?

Return to the world of Edda-Earth, where magic and science coexist and all the gods are real. Join Caesarion, Eurydice, their brother Alexander Julius, and their friends, Tiberius Claudius Nero and Marcus Antonius Antyllus, as they struggle to hold the world that they've inherited.

And remember this truth: The end was only the beginning . . . .


The Rise of Caesarion's Rome


Cover of Children of Tiber and Nile; Pharoah and Roman soldiers fight a minotaur

Children of Tiber and Nile

ISBN-10: 0-9860916-4-2

ISBN-13: 978-0-9860916-4-3

Assassins threaten, rebellions rise, as the children of Caesar spread across the world . . . .


To escape the poisonous plots of Livia Drusilla, Caesarion must take his pregnant wife, Eurydice to Egypt, into the very teeth of a rebellion fomented by the mage-priests of Thoth.


There, they must survive a deadly trap and regain control of the bread-basket of the empire, and the source of much of Rome’s current wealth.


In Rome, their brother Alexander spreads his growing net of spies and agents, using artists and poets for information and propaganda. He must survive poison now, as he once survived knives, and turn the weapons of the Julii’s most determined enemies against them--all without ever being implicated.


Selene, their youngest sister, must discover who she is--a difficult task, when the drums of war never cease to beat. She must choose her fate, a decision between two men: Anytllus, the archer son of Marcus Antonius, and grim-faced Tiberius, who has dedicated his life to Pluto.


The sands of Egypt cannot stay their strides!


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