What price credibility?

After a long wrestling match between my wallet, my ambition, and my common sense, I decided to submit The Valkyrie for a Kirkus review on December 10, 2014. My thinking boiled down to this: Con: There's only one negative, and it's a doozy: Kirkus reviews are expensive. No two ways about it. They advertised 425.00 USD, and I just found out that due to the length of the manuscript, they felt the need to tack on an additional 150.00 USD and four additional weeks to finish the book and write the review. When the review process already takes 7-9 weeks, I'm rather flabbergasted by this. I'm almost more astonished by the length of time to read and review, than I am by the cost. [Note: I understand

The Goddess Denied, Cover Progress

Liza Gokoeva's continued work on the cover of The Goddess Denied, as you can see. Many details remain, and I'm hoping that the hand coming out of the mirror will return (possibly with some of Sigrun's rune-marks visible on her right arm, closest the mirror) in the final. Isn't this just amazing work? :)

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