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Jim Baen Fantasy Award Finalist, the Forums, and other stuff

I never seem to manage to remember to update the blog on this site. Partially, that's because I'm active on Facebook and in a writers' group, and well, busy with writing and actual real life, too. Partially, it's because the blog software here isn't terribly accessible. And partially, I'm plum lazy. If I've said it once somewhere, saying it again just doesn't seem all that exciting or necessary.

So! Big news tidbits you might've missed--one of my stories has recently appeared in Galaxy's Edge, a flash piece entitled "Conceit and Capability," done in the style of Jane Austen. I have a dark fantasy/horror piece coming to Pseudopod in the not-too-distant future. And like the title of this post, I have made it at least to the finals in the Jim Baen Fantasy Adventure award for 2018. I'm all sorts of proud of this, and will be jittering for the next month or so, to find out which of ten people will take the top slot. (Check my bibliography; that's the part of the site that gets the most regular updates. :) )

In other news, I've disabled the forum on this site. It wasn't getting much traffic, and I wasn't getting notifications at all . . . which is why in April, some very confused person started posting about . . . all kinds of stuff. A personal thank you to this community for standing by them. A rant about how something called "Shudderwock" isn't overpowered? A plaintive cry as to what's wrong with this community, and why is no one answering them?

Never seen the name before. I think that in spite of the site having my name EVERYWHERE, they were a little lost. So, off with the board's head, though I could bring it back if Facebook winds up getting any worse. *sigh*

Also also, I've done a light site redesign tonight, mostly in terms of lightening the background. It was time for a refresh!

Thank you all for sticking with me! I appreciate it!

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