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It's alive--on Gallery of Curiosities, anyway!

Valentines Day can certainly evoke strong emotion. In this case, particularly creepy ones, as my story, "Honeyed Tongue" goes live on the Gallery of Curiosities podcast today:

In other news, I'm a month out from the LASIK redo that will hopefully end my eye woes. As is, I still have to wear a contact in the eye that I had surgery on in December of last year. The surgery was intended to give me bifocal vision. The idea was, have better distant vision for driving, retain my spectacular up-close vision for typing and reading.

Now, I'd had LASIK back in 2000 to correct my (at the time), incredibly bad near-sightedness. (As in, the big E at the top of the chart wasn't there at ALL for my left eye. Just a wash of white at the time.) So, I trusted in the technology. I heard the warnings that some people aren't able to adjust. I knew one person who *had* adjusted, and one person who *hadn't*. I figured the odds were in my favor.

Nope. *sigh* Without a contact in, I can't read my computer screen. Without a contact in, the constant warping of the visual field as left eye and right eye fight? The world STILL looks like I'm looking through Jello--everything moves. Even with a contact in, it's a fight at times to see my cellphone screen clearly, and I don't even want to *try* to read a book for long periods. It's distressing, more than anything. And I just hope that they can put me back where I was, come March.

My son is doing much better this year, so my stress levels are much lower than they were this time last year. I've been writing a lot of shorter stuff of late, but I'm hoping to get back to Edda soon.

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