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2018 Recap and Awards Eligibility

With the end of the year fast approaching, here's my end of year assessment. My personal performance review of "am I a real author yet?" :P

  • 43 poems published, many to new venues. (Down from last year, but hey!)

  • Something published every month this year! Bingo square two years in a row!

  • First reprints published!

  • SIX pro sales this year. (Holy cow!) Granted, three were flash. But that also means the other three weren't flash.

  • Finalist in a VR game writing competition; winners not yet announced, but this could still be really amazing! It certainly has been so far! :)

  • Top ten placement in the Baen Fantasy competition!

  • Many new writing friends made!

  • Invitations to a couple of new-to-me localish conventions that I plan to pick up on next year, when I hopefully won't be dealing with health issues. :P

Here's a list of my non-reprint publications this year:

"Ghosts of All Our Pasts," Silver Blade #38, Spring 2018.

"Maze in the Sea of Voices," Future Visions Vol. 1, June 14, 2018. (Available in print only.)

"Conceit and Capability," Galaxy's Edge #33, July 2018. (No longer available for free on website.)

"Becoming the Morrigan," Factor Four #3, September 30, 2018. (Requires subscription to read. )

"Mustering Out" Abyss & Apex #68, October 1, 2018.

"Reflected in Mirrored Skies," in Compelling Science Fiction; Kickstarter incentive pack AND available for download at Amazon.

"A Mother's Love," Flame Tree Fiction, December 1, 2018. (Newsletter; should be up on their website soon.)

"The Lonely Dark," Compelling Science Fiction, December 2018.

Whoo! What a year! And yet, because I haven't ALSO found time to finish turning a novella into a spare novel, and my Edda-Earth production remains derailed, the year doesn't feel as complete as I'd like it to. So, overall, in my third year of pro. . . ness? Proness? Yeah, we'll go with that. . . I feel substantially less impostery, but there are still goals ahead of me and challenges to conquer.

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